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How do I tell pandas' DataFrame.plot(subplots=True...) not to use an offset on the tick labels?

Normally for a single plot I can issue:

matplotlib.pyplot.ticklabel_format(axis='y', useOffset=False)

but it doesn't seem to work for the subplot option.

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Plotting a dataframe (df here below) with the option suplots=True creates for each column of your dataframe an axis. It is needed to iterate on all axes to set the ticklabel_format.

In [59]: axes = df.plot(subplots=True)

In [60]: for axis in axes:
   ....:     axis.ticklabel_format(axis='y', useOffset=False)
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That was what I wanted. Thanks. –  user1625344 Aug 28 '12 at 0:53

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