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I am working on one portal where will be few user roles. I have been wondering what is the best way to handle them. I have created separated tables for users and clients, but clients will want the functionality as users and users can become clients easy too.

I also don't want to make many joints, so what I as thinking is this:

I will have 4 different user roles (at least for now) as follow:


I will assing "id" to each role. At the same time I will keep table in mysql with these roles. It will be something like:

1 - admin
2 - reviewer
3 - client
4 - user

This table will be used only upon creation of user, to get the code of user "permissions". So Let's say that there will be a guy who is a user and reviewer. His role would be 24.

login  password  email role     created
guy    password  24 2012-12-08 23:12:30

I think this could work pretty well, but still want to ask if you guys think this is good and effective solution. Thanks

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The other way to do this would be to have a many to many USER_ROLE table where for your example guy would have the following entires.

login role
guy   2
guy   4

I generally prefer this method of tracking roles. A join against this table in a situation like this should be fast and painless, especially if you move to using a user_id instead of a login, and index appropriately.

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Of course there would be user_id, i just wrote it fast for example. I was thinking about this too, but still dont really like that join there. – Tom Aug 26 '12 at 3:29

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