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I am trying to get prettyphoto to work within my rails app. I would like to have an image display in prettyphoto that is uploaded by the paperclip gem.

I am running rails 3.2.8, paperclip 3.1.4, and the hiq5/prettyphoto-rails gem.

Here is what I have at the end of the body:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
            animationSpeed: 'normal', /* fast/slow/normal */
            padding: 40, /* padding for each side of the picture */
            opacity: 0.35, /* Value betwee 0 and 1 */
            showTitle: false, /* true/false */
            allowresize: true, /* true/false */
            counter_separator_label: '/', /* The separator for the gallery counter 1 "of" 2 */
            theme: 'light_rounded' /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */

Here is the rails link_to:

<%= link_to image_tag(@client.price_plan.flier1.url(:small)), @client.price_plan.flier1.url(:medium), rel: "prettyPhoto" %>

I think the problem is the link possibly that paperclip creates with the string on the end?



Does prettyphoto need the ?1345698254 stripped off the link to work?



If so, how can I do that in paperclip?


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I finally got back to this issue and was able to resolve it with the current version. It might be a bug but I discovered that by setting rel: 'prettyPhoto' did not work and rel: "prettyPhoto" did work???

final link looked like this:

<%= link_to "PrettyPhoto test", @client.price_plan.flier1.url(:medium), rel: "prettyPhoto", class: "prettyphoto" %>

Hope that helps others....

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