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Is there any way to somehow access or construct the "offset timecode" (or start timecode) of a QuickTime movie using AVFoundation?

The only way I manage to get hold of this information is using QTKit and QuickTime via TCGetCurrentTimeCode() on QTMedia of the timecode QTTrack. Quicktime however is not 64 bit and I would rather use AVFoundation if possible.

[aAVAsset tracks] lets me get a handle on the AVAssetTrack representing the timecode track which holds this information. I explored the available information via formatdescription but there was nothing that seemed to be of help and I could also not find any way to access the raw data of the timecode track.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I believe this might be a dupe of an issue I was having just recently. I hope this solves your issue!

How to get the Start Timecode (SMPTE) of a Quicktime-Movie in Objective-C in 64-bit?

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The only thing missing here is getting the flag as the whether or not this is Drop or Non-Drop, which is necessarily in building the start timecode from the frame count. If anyone has that, then this would be complete! – mxisaac Aug 29 '12 at 15:44
AVAssetReader... I see. Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for. – freeridecoding Aug 30 '12 at 3:22

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