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Is there any method in fullcalendar to count active days (the days without holidays and weekend(sunday)) in a month?

for example :

In January we have 31 days, 3 weekends and 5 holidays, so the active days is 23 days (31-(3+5)), how can i count that active day.

thanks before.

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How would your code know what days are holidays? (Also, I think you'll find January has a minimum of four weekends, and sometimes five.) –  nnnnnn Aug 26 '12 at 4:59
from the events we created before or from Local Holidays event –  Ariona Rian Aug 26 '12 at 5:02
Well the formula you want is (number of days in month) - (number of Saturdays + number of Sundays + number of weekday holidays). Your 31-(3+5) doesn't really make sense because even assming there are three weekends you'd need 31 - (3*2 + 5) given that weekends are two days long. –  nnnnnn Aug 26 '12 at 5:04
@Tats_innit i'll check it. –  Ariona Rian Aug 26 '12 at 5:07

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Actually this not related to fullcalendar but I think this script will help you for getting bussiness/Active days (excluding weekends) from given month and year.

function getActiveDays(month,year){
    var daysinmonth=Date.getDaysInMonth(year,month);
    var sundays=0;
        var dayname = new Date(year,month,i).getDayName();
        if(dayname=="Sunday") {
    return activedays;

the function above will eliminate sundays from days of the month. for example : getActiveDays(7,2012) will return 27 active days (from august, 2012).

This function use date.js library

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