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Is there a way for a python script to automatically detect whether it is being run interactively or not? Alternatively, can one detect whether ipython is being used versus the regular c python executable?

Background: My python scripts generally have a call to exit() in them. From time to time, I run the scripts interactively for debugging and profiling, usually in ipython. When I'm running interactively, I want to suppress the calls to exit.


Suppose I have a script, myscript.py, that looks like:

...do useful stuff...

Sometimes, I want to run the script within an IPython session that I have already started, saying something like:

In [nnn]: %run -p -D myscript.pstats myscript.py

At the end of the script, the exit() call will cause ipython to hang while it asks me if I really want to exit. This is a minor annoyance while debugging (too minor for me to care), but it can mess up profiling results: the exit prompt gets included in the profile results (making the analysis harder if I start a profiling session before going off to lunch).

What I'd like is something that allows me modify my script so it looks like:

...do useful stuff...
if is_python_running_interactively():
    print "The exit_status was %d" % (exit_status,)
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I stumbed on the following and it seems to do the trick for me:

def in_ipython():
    except NameError:
        return False
        return True
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what about the standard interactive shell you got with python? – n611x007 Aug 28 '14 at 10:22

Docs say that sys.ps1 doesn't exist in noninteractive mode. Additionally, one can use sys.flags (for python 2.6+) to detect if we have used python -i <whatever>.

This scripts detects if we run interactively, non-interactively, and in post-mortem mode (which may be attributed to interactive mode if python interpreter is called using python -i implicitly and user thinks he landed into "interactive" console):

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import sys

# IPython recognition is missing; test here if __IPYTHON__ exists, etc.

if hasattr(sys, 'ps1'):
    print "Running interactively."
    print "Not running interactively..."
    if sys.flags.interactive:
        print "... but I'm in interactive postmortem mode."

IPython support can be added as described by Mr Fooz.

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When invoked interactively, python will run the script in $PYTHONSTARTUP, so you could simply have that environment variable invoke a script which sets a global

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