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Similar to Find and Replace RegEx question

All I need to do is find a string between two phrases, "literal" and "edited [;", and replace with the same string, omitting all "//". I don't think parenthetical backreferences are what I want because the text file I'm working with is huge and there are typically 3, sometimes up to 10 "//" in each string.


// --- Literal
//At the same time as that, joining in the music
//will be fun, I think.
// --- Edited

should become this:

// --- Literal

At the same time as that, joining in the music
will be fun, I think.
// --- Edited

(Notepad++ does not support newline characters in its regex but that is unrelated to the issue. In the actual text I've done a find-replace for \n to be "nline".)

This is what I have so far:

Find:    // --- Literalnline//(.*?)//(.*?)//(.*?)//(.*?)// --- Edited // \[;
Replace: // --- Literalnline\1\2\3\4// --- Edited // \[;
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Generally, I would not want to do this with regex, but I gave it a go anyway: http://regex101.com/r/tF6bZ1

/\A(\/\/ --- Literal)[\r\n]+|(\/\/ --- Edited)\z|\/\/(.*[\r\n]*)/gi

This does not do any validation of any sort or whatever, just matches straight up and down. You should be able to replace with \1\3\2 or such.

Good luck!

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