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I'm getting deeper into my project, and now I'm a little stuck.
I have a set of functions which are connected, and one of them is getting a bitmap from an icon.
I'm using the IconEx.GetIcon(0); function from TKageyu.Utils

I have 2 EXTERNAL EXE files in the app's folder: One for 32Bit and one for 64Bit.
Generally it should read the icon from 64Bit.
When 32Bit is missing - it should read icon from 64Bit.
When 64Bit is missing - it should read icon from 32Bit. - And here's the problem!

It sends an exception, and in the editor it directs me to this part of the code:

StringBuilder buf = new StringBuilder(MAX_PATH);
int len = GetModuleFileName(this._hModule, buf, buf.Capacity + 1);
if (len != 0)
    this._filename = buf.ToString();
    switch (Marshal.GetLastWin32Error())
        case ERROR_SUCCESS:
            this._filename = filename;
            throw new Win32Exception();

But when it reads from the 64Bit file it doesn't do that.

Already Checked:

  • File names are correct
  • Icon index seems to be correct (checked with MiTeC Icon Explorer 4.2)
  • 32Bit File does exist...(when testing without 64Bit file..)
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Clearly the guy that wrote that code doesn't have a 64-bit operating system. Consider the .NET Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon() method instead. –  Hans Passant Aug 26 '12 at 11:40
Aha! here's the catch - Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon() extracts only 32*32pixels icon, while the other method extracts the full 256*256pixels icon... –  TDT-Alpha Aug 27 '12 at 11:52
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