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Does anyone know of any open source IDE or a good source code editor for mobile devices (mainly tablets such as Galaxy Note 10.1 or Asus Transformer Prime)?

As a developer I would like to leave the laptop in the office and take the tablet with me when I need to code at home. I'm looking for a good IDE or source code editor that works well with mobile devices.

Specifically I would be very interested if there are any that have drag & drop, swiping, pinch & zoom capabilities. Eventually with touch devices I expect to see more touch movements and less typing... even with hard core development. Maybe a slow transition but I can see it happening. Might result in better code. Who knows design patterns could be visual templates you drag, pinching and zooming navigates around a large code base.

Anyhow for now if anyone knows of any IDEs for mobile please let me know. Thanks.

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For anyone interested, I haven't found it but was thinking of using Windows Surface tablet, cloud computing and vpn. Windows Surface because it comes with kickstand, keyboard and trackpad. I develop hybrid mobile apps but just want a smaller device (like a tablet) to connect to my machine at work. –  nobilist Nov 26 '12 at 21:19
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