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From Eclipse, how to go to the specific folder? I mean in windows, how to open a command line which corresponding to the folder or direct open the file explorer to open the corresponding folder?

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Right click the file (in left pane).. then use Win Goodies -> Open file in Explorer

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This is not standard, you must have installed some plugin ... – aleroot Aug 26 '12 at 8:11

You have to create an external tool with location ${env_var:SystemRoot}\explorer.exe (or cmd.exe) and arguments /select,${resource_loc} . Any selected file or directory can now be shown in the windows explorer.

Create an External tool

Go into the external tool configuration (you can find it into the corresponding toolbar icon) :

enter image description here

Then you can create your own external tool :

External Tool Creation

  1. Create a new Program (select Program in the tree)
  2. Name it shell
  3. Set the location to ${env_var:SystemRoot}\explorer.exe
  4. Set the arguments to /select,${resource_loc}
  5. Run the external tool

Once created you can run the external tool from the context menu or from the toolbar ...

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I have been using an Eclipse plugin called PathTools for sometime now, and am happy with it.

It adds a number of buttons to the Eclipse toolbar which allow you to :

  1. Directly open a cmd prompt at the selected folder.
  2. Open an Explorer window for the selected folder.

Update site :

Sample screenshots

Installing the `Path Tools Feature`

I chose to install only the Path Tools Feature
enter image description here

Opening a terminal

Opening a terminal directly at the Folder Path : enter image description here
(The above snapshot is that for OSX but works in Windows as well)

Opening Explorer

Opening a folder directly in Explorer/Finder : enter image description here

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Great simple plugin for this:

enter image description here

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