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I'm launching mvc 3 apllication on ii6. No membership or role providers are used. I have implemented authorization by creating authorization cookie manually, and handled it in global.asax. First of all a have got this error:

Access denied creating App_Data subdirectory Description: For security reasons, the identity 'IIS APPPOOL\ASP.NET v4.0' (under which this web application is running), does not have permissions to create the App_Data subdirectory within the application root directory. ASP.NET stores the Microsoft SQL Express Database file used for services such as Membership and Profile in the App_Data subdirectory of your application.

I have searching for this error, and add this to my web.config file, as a solution: in <system.web> node: <roleManager enabled="false"> <providers> <clear /> </providers> </roleManager>

and in <modules> node in <system.webServer>: <remove name="RoleManager" />

and then got 'Default Role Provider could not be found' error.

What I did wrong?

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<remove name="RoleManager" /> = 'Default Role Provider could not be found' error ??? – Andrew Welch Aug 26 '12 at 8:21
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Solved. IIS6 does not recognize <system.webServer> (it was introduced in IIS7), and I used <httpModules> in <system.web> instead:

<remove name="RoleManager" />
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