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I would like to know some best practices which can be followed while designing an online shopping application. I am interested to know the following aspects majorly.

  1. Scalability - How can I make sure that my design will be capable for meeting the scalability perspectives of an expected growth of users @ 20% every year.
  2. Performance bottlenecks.

Please share some thoughts around these two aspects.

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If you are new to software design you can start with some layered architecture :

  1. DAO Layer
  2. Service Layer
  3. Controller/UI Layer

By applying these layers you can extend you application in future without any problems.

Example : Stack Overflow

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As the member already talked about the 3 tier approach above; I will not dwell into it. However I think you wanted to find more explanation on the data scalability point of view.

Answer to Question#1: more and more modern high data intensive applications are leaning towards horizontal data scaling approach. Such as sharding of DB, using BigData or noSQL environments which allow horizontal scalability of data bases.

The 3 tier approach enables such scalability changes to be carried out easily.

Answer to Question#2: I am not sure if your question elaborates the bottleneck areas correctly. There can be bottlenecks in back end/server side [I am making an assumption that you are talking about a web based application] or front end (browser side). Sorry to say but it's hard to elaborate a broad term like "Performance Bottleneck". More concrete problem statement can be helpful in receiving an answer.

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