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I'm a newbie to Facebook app development. It almost works when the page liked.php is shown (it's shown when a user liked the site), the PHP code is displayed as text output.

Here's my liked.php code:

$randomimg = "https://XXXXXXX.herokuapp.com/randim.php";
$facebook = new Facebook(array(
$session = $facebook->getUser();
  $fbme = $facebook->api('/me');
 catch(FacebookApiException $e)
  echo 'error bei getsession';
} //if($session)

 #access permission
 $loginUrl = $facebook->getLoginUrl(array(
  'canvas'     => 1,
  'fbconnect'  => 0,
  'req_perms'  => 'publish_stream',
  'next'       => 'https://XXX.herokuapp.com/index.php',
  'cancel_url' => 'https://XXXXX.herokuapp.com/'
 echo '<script type="text/javascript">top.location.href=\''.$loginUrl.'\';</script>';
} //else($fbme)

#wall post
 $wallpost = $facebook->api('/me/feed','post',array(
  'name'        => 'Welche Konsole passt zu mir?',
  'message'     => 'Cool! Ich habe gerade herausgefunden, welche Konsole zu mir passt! Probiers doch auch mal aus! Einfach hier klicken!',
  'privacy'     => array(
   'value'   => 'CUSTOM',
   'friends' => 'FRIENDS_OF_FRIENDS'
  'description' => 'Diese Konsole passt zu mir! Probier es auch aus! Klick einfach hier!',
  'picture'     => '$randomimg',
  'caption'     => 'https://www.facebook.com/pages/XXX/XXXX?sk=app_1XXXXXX',
  'link'        => 'https://www.facebook.com/pages/XXXX/XXXXX?sk=app_XXXXX',
  'action'      => '';
  echo "Wenn du sehen möchtest, welche Konsole zu dir passt, dann schau auf der Startseite nach :) Es wurde für idch gepostet!";
catch(FacebookApiException $e)
 echo 'facebook api exception';

Here's the output(it's shown as blank text): http://pastebin.com/UEKUSrii

I simply don't know why. Even the error_reporting(E_ALL); doesn't show anything. Simply blank text output. I use the newest facebook php sdk.

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I guess the problem is not in the code but in the configuration of your server. You need to tell the server to execute the php code instead of displaying it.

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Sounds like you either don't have PHP installed or you're not using a file extension which invokes the PHP engine - is your file called [Blah].php?

Some things to check:

  • You're serving the file from a web server (not locally)
  • The server has PHP installed
  • Your webserver is configured to use the PHP engine to handle the file type you're using (usually .php or .php4 or similar)
  • creating a new file with just <?php phpinfo(); ?> and serving it should give you lots of info about your PHP install.
  • If you have access to the server, you should be able to run PHP from the command line/shell
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I host the app on heroku, which is a partner of facebook in app hosting. And it shows that it is PHP. Nah. I'm gonna contact the support or something like this. –  Maximilian Böther Aug 26 '12 at 10:49
And annother thing, the php in index.php does work. –  Maximilian Böther Aug 26 '12 at 10:53
Now I tried cloudcontrol.com, same problem... –  Maximilian Böther Aug 26 '12 at 11:39

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