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I created a new JPA project where i need to use javax.transaction.UserTransaction. While I can import javax.naming.*, javax.persistence.*, I cannot import javax.transaction.UserTransaction: the message received is the classic "The import javax.transaction.UserTransaction cannot be resolved". I'm using as jdk.1.7.0_03 and I'm from Eclipse Indigo.

Where am I wrong? Thanks, Andrea

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Importing javax.transaction.UserTransaction fails because you do not have library that contains it in your project. You need JTA API/implementation. Typically same implementation as in target the application server is used.

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Thanks, Mikko. Ok, I understand. Let me add some details: what I need is that the project I mentioned above (let's call it ProjectA) could be imported by a web project (with Glassfish, let's call it ProjectB). So I need to use JTA, but not directly (the web project B uses it throught the ProjectA). This doesn't allow me to add the transactions, so how can my web app use them? – andreaxi Aug 26 '12 at 11:29
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I solved my issue simply creating a Java Project for ProjectA with the javax.transaction.jar in the build path.

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