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I'm using this to interface with facebook's graph api via python.

My problem is that I can't seem to upload photos to a fan page. Instead it uploads onto my wall. However, I can post comments fine on the fan page.

from urllib import urlretrieve
import imp
urlretrieve('', '')
fb = imp.load_source('fb', '')
fb.AUTH_SCOPE = ['publish_stream', 'manage_pages']

fb.graph_post("/<fan page id>/photos", {"message":"My photo", "source":open("photo.jpeg")})

Does anyone else have a problem with upload photos to fan pages?

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If the post is appearing on your personal user's wall and not on the page's wall, you are using the wrong access token. You need to be using a page access token.

You can read more on the Facebook documentation

Basically, in order to get that access token, you'll need to provide your application with the manage_pages permission. After that you can make a call to /me/accounts and get a list of all the pages that the user administrates. In that list there should be the access tokens for each page.

I'm not 100% sure how you would set the access token with the library you are using, but essentially all you need to do is append the token to the request with the access_token parameter.
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