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I am writing service using NodeJS + Restify. I have split each actual service into separate file (what, I assume, everyone is doing). They all are going to be using mysql database so I thought I could open a single connection to database which could be used by each service rather than opening connections every time a request is done.

The problem is that I don't seem to find a way to pass user data. By user data I mean any custom data that would be accessible by every service callbacked by the server.

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I primarily use NodeJS + Express, but having looked through some of the documentation of Restify, I believe you could use the authorization parser (under Bundled Plugins on their site: click here to go there)

I think that would be the most basic way to pass user data. I haven't tested it but, I believe you'd just add this to use it:


You could then access the user data with:

//This is based on the structure of req.authorization in the documentation.

I believe you could set new user data (when the user logs in or something) like: = 'id'
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Interesting. Not exactly what I was asking for but answered one of my other problems :D – Pius Aug 26 '12 at 20:26

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