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I need a C++ library that can store and retrieve time series on demand to stream to client front-ends. I will be storing each component as structure of arrays format. I am currently using MySQL for correctness, but the DB access is starting to get ridiculously slow. I am trying to migrate away from this. Intuitively I can build such a library but it is not my business goal and will take quite a bit of implementation to get working. I am looking for an existing solution that can meet the following requirements:

  • O(1) lookup scheme
  • Excellent compression, each component is separated, so there should be plenty of redundancy that can be removed
  • Scalable to terabytes
  • (optional: Audit tracking)

Most important: Transactional support. There is going to be BIG data, and I can't have the possibility of a bad run corrupt an entire dataset which will create an unnecessary burden for backups and downtime during restores.

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IF there isn't a lib, I'd be willing to put a project like this on some open-source repository, if anyone is interested. I'd contribute but I don't have time to write the whole thing myself currently. – user805547 Aug 26 '12 at 14:13
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Also checkout TempoDB: http://tempo-db.com I'm a co-founder, and we built the service to solve this problem. We don't have a C++ client yet, but could work with you to develop one.

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Take a look at OpenTSDB it's been develop at StumbleUpon by Benoit Sigoure: http://opentsdb.net/

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Hadoop / HBase seems to be the best solution for the OP, if a MPP data warehousing system such as Netezza, Teradata or Vertica is cost-prohibitive. – N West Aug 27 '12 at 12:42

TeaFiles provide simple and efficient time series storage in flat files, enriched with item metadata and description. They might be a building block of the system you aim for. Currently free open source libraries exist for C++ (github.com/discretelogics/TeaFiles), C# and Python.

I am a founder of discretelogics and we coined this file format to overcome litations flat file time series storage while preserving its unrivaled speed.

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Take a look at HDF5. It has a quick lookup scheme, has C, C++, Python interfaces. Has compression. Can get pretty big. Maintains metadata. Doesn't do auditing. You'll need a wrapper to handle multi-user capability.

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