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My app is written entirely in C/C++ using NativeActivity, it has no Java code (based on "native-activity" NDK example). Pressing "back" button closes it (destroys activity), but I need other behaivor of this button because I have my own UI and menus which are displayed via OpenGL.

As I read, In order to change behaivor of "back" button, I need to override onBackPressed() method of Java activity class. But I don't use Java, can I reach this method from C/C++ to override it?

If no, is there another way to handle with "back" button using NDK, without java code?

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NativeActivity is an Java class!! and you said you are using it!!, so you can override onBackPressed within it? –  MoshErsan Aug 26 '12 at 14:11
No, I mean I'm using it like in "native-activity" NDK example: android_native_app_glue.h, struct android_app etc. –  Roman Shuvalov Aug 26 '12 at 14:41

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Solved: to prevent default "Back" button behaivor it is enough to return 1 while handling key event:

int32_t app_handle_event(struct android_app* app, AInputEvent* event) {
    if (AKeyEvent_getKeyCode(event) == AKEYCODE_BACK) {
        // actions on back key
        return 1; // <-- prevent default handler
    // ...
    return 0;
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