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I am planning to buy Belkin N600 wireless router with USB port so as to access the pen-drive/hard-drive connected to router on my system through wifi. Following is my requirement:

While launching a software (Tally), it asks for directory path from where we want to import files ( I am using tally software. It asks for directory path to open the data from that directory path. Those who dont know Tally can consider this as software which ask for file location to launch). Is it possible that i can provide the path of files in the hard-drive connected to USB port of router say "\Belkin\Hard-Drive\Data" . Can i access data file like that. Can i access the files from hard-drive to my system via directly typing the address in the run command?

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yes you can access the pen drive attached to the N600 directly.

the modem and will be detected as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) in network.

if you are using sat box for your tv, the sat box will detect that storage either.

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