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I had a git pull that was interrupted and now I'm unsure if it has messed with my .git directory. Can I guarantee the integrity of my git repo by running git fsck --full ? Are there any other commands to see if something was not half added to the directory ?

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Make a physical copy of the the project (which will include its .git directory) to another place, say ~/tmp then run git pull there and see what it tells you. You are only pulling and this is a throw-away directory so you will be insulated from changing anything (as long as you don't push without being sure).

So, if you application directory is: ~/blogger


cd ~                 # "~" means your home directory
mkdir tmp            # Make a temporary directory.
cp -r blogger ~/tmp  # Copy the project there
cd /tmp/blogger      # Go there
git pull             # Try a pull to see what happens.

If the pull works ok you'll have confidence in your actual directory contents (so cd back to it now). If the pull has issues, save your current project code and try a fresh pull and see if that is ok.


cd ~
mv blogger old_blogger
# Go to github and click on the copy icon.
git clone [paste - ctrl-v or shift-ctrl-v]
# Now use your old_blogger directory as a source 
# for any changes you want to (manually) copy the code from.

If a fresh git pull has issues, consider going to your project directory and deleting the entire .git structure and then git init to create a new git repository and then delete (or rename to old_blogger) the existing github one, create it anew and git clone again then git add ., git commit and git push. This is obviosuly the most extreme ('nuclear') option.

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