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How slice string in java? I'm getting row's from csv, and xls, and there for example data in cell is like


How can i say java that it must look only on part before _ ? So after manipulating i must have 14.015. In rails i'll do this with gsub, but how do this in java?

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Just to note, using gsub for this in Rails is massive overkill, you should use split, same as Java. – Rym Oct 22 '12 at 21:38
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You can use String#split:

String s = "14.015_AUDI";
String[] parts = s.split("_"); //returns an array with the 2 parts
String firstPart = parts[0]; //14.015

You should add error checking (that the size of the array is as expected for example)

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Instead of split that creates a new list and has two times copy, I would use substring which works on the original string and does not create new strings

String s = "14.015_AUDI";
String firstPart = s.substring(s.indexOf("_")+1);
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indexof must be changed in indexOf – Youssef Jan 3 at 15:38
@Youssef, Thanks fixed – Masood_mj Jan 3 at 19:08
String str = "14.015_AUDI";
String [] parts = str.split("_");

String numberPart = parts[0];
String audi = parts[1];
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Guava has Splitter

List<String> pieces = Splitter.on("_").splitToList("14.015_AUDI");
String numberPart = parts.get(0);
String audi = parts.get(1);
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