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I'm using this way to set the birthday in CakePHP, but when i turn back in the page I always get the current day date, so if I save the page without touch it, i get the today date as birthday:

$attributes = array (
    'minYear' => date('Y') - 100,
    'maxYear' => date('Y') - 0,
    'label'=> false,
    'default' => $user['Profile']['birthday'],
    'value'=>$user['Profile']['birthday'] // how to set the previous saved data?
$options = array (
    'id' => 'birthday',
    'after' => '<div class="message">Inserisce la tua data di nascita</div>'
echo $this->Form->input('Profile.birthday', $attributes, $options);

How can i set the previous saved data from the database to the form?

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From your question, I assume that you are writing some kind of Edit-Form. In this case, CakePHP should automagically set the saved form data in your inputs. You should be able to savely discard default and value in your $options-array.

Debug $this->form->data to see whether the data is there. Otherwise you should check your controller code.

By the way: the signature of the input function is public function input($fieldName, $options = array()), so you probably want to merge the values in your $options-array to your $attributes-array.

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This type of input stores data in this format:

your can put the value in controller this format:

$this->request->data['Profile']['birthday']['year'] ='xxxx'; 
$this->request->data['Profile']['birthday']['day'] = 'xx';

It will automatically display as selected in view.

Ask if not work for you

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