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I am using Conditional Formatting to try and change the colour of a cell in column A if the text in Column B is certain values. Currently my three formula's are this:


I need a way to quickly push this to all 50 columns therefore I thought if I could change the formula to the following it would work I just don't know how:

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You're using absolute cell references (the $ in the address), which prevents Excel from adjusting the address as you add/remove rows and move the formula around. If you use $B2 instead, as you drag down the formula, Excel can adjust it to be $B3, $B4, $B5 and so on. With this format, the B column remains constant, and the row portion is flexible.

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Very new to excel thank you very much! That's why I posted all my code ^_^!!!!! - 100% works –  Accendi Aug 26 '12 at 15:20

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