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I'm using the validationtextbox and that seems to work fine - but I want to display a message below the field, a 2px red border on the textbox and rather than a square with exclamation a red disc with exclamation to the right --- how might I go about this?

I was thinking that this is a custom widget or a series of custom widgets because I need similar functionality/display for select fields and date ranges From [date] To [Date]

I have only been using dojo for about a week so please be patient with me.

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Use CSS to restyle it. As sample, ${theme} = nihilo

.nihilo .dijitValidationIcon {
   background-image: url(...)
nihilo .dijitError {
  border-color: red;
  border-width: 2px;
.nihilo .dijitErrorFocused {


To reposition the tooltip with invalidMessage, you need to do so in the constructor of your ValidationTextBox.

The property to set is tooltipPosition. If there's no room below, the next in position array will be tested for enough space, then next etc.

new dijit.form.ValidationTextBox({
  tooltipPosition: ['below', 'right', 'above', 'left']
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