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I have an EnhancedGrid with ItemFileWriteStore. After calling startup() on the grid, I hide the same by using following code:, 'display', 'none');

And then on the click of a button, I change the URL of store for this grid and try to refresh the store and show the grid by using following code:;

store.fetch({query:{id: '*'}});, 'display', '');;

The above code works fine with Firefox and Chrome but not on IE8 and IE9. I simply get "Object Error" message in IE Developer tools console.

Pls. help me identify any issues with the above code.

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there's not much to go on m8.. It can be either variable which is undefined at the time youre running the code; store, grid, Its most likely a flaw in this: dijit.byId('osType').get('value') – mschr Aug 27 '12 at 6:24

Howto reload store

If using the 'data' property to populate store initially (via constructor), you should set clearOnClose: true as well.

Use of .save() is only for a ItemFileWriteStore that has some settings changed (isDirty) and needs to propagate these to server. That said, you dont need .save on a closed store (allthough url has changed, no fetch has been run and definately no items has changed).

Try the following code, you'd only need the grid component to do it as calling .render() on the grid will get it to reload it's data.

// save if dirty, otherwise we cannot close a store unless its reset; 
// close store, this should clear data;
// set new URL = '??';
// rerun fetch XHR
// reload grid data with new items (no need to setStore as its same object reused){query:{id: '*'}, onComplete: function() {grid.render}});
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Problem was that I had invalid JSON coming from server with one extra comma.

IE is very specific on these things.

Thanks everyone who viewed and tried to reply.

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This is not an ans. You need to put this into comment section – Ravi Khakhkhar Aug 27 '12 at 11:31

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