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To start off ive created a WCF Dataservice with Entity Framework.

On the client i try do the following

var user = (from u in ctx.FysPosUsers
                       where u.Username == "test"
                        select u).SingleOrDefault();

            ForumUser forumUser = new ForumUser();
            forumUser.DisplayName = "tester";
            forumUser.TagLine = "A random tagLine";
            forumUser.User = user;

But when i try saving the context, i get the following error:

Entities in 'EntityContext.ForumUsers' participate in the 'ForumUser_User' relationship. 0 related 'ForumUser_User_Target' were found. 1 'ForumUser_User_Target' is expected.

Anyone thought on how this problem would could be solved will be greatly appriciated :)

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Have you tried adding the following line before SaveChanges:

ctx.SetLink(forumUser, "User", user);

Hope this helps. Thanks Pratik

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