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Why cannot change MonoTouch.Dialog.TableView.Background color ? I am using the Elements API of MonoTouch.Dialog. It's still gray!

class MyDialogViewController : DialogViewController {

public MyDialogViewController (RootElement root) : base (root)

public override void LoadView ()
    base.LoadView ();
    TableView.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Clear;
    UIImage background = UIImage.FromFile ("Mybackground.png");
    ParentViewController.View.BackgroundColor = UIColor.FromPatternImage (background);

public partial class MyVC: UINavigationController
    public void CreateTestUI()

            var menu = new RootElement("MyMenu"){
            new Section ("test"){
                new StringElement("Test", delegate() { }), ...

        var dv = new MyDialogViewController (menu) {
            Autorotate = true

        // add the nav controller to the window
        this.PushViewController (dv, true); 
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in iPad,must add this line: TableView.BackgroundView = null;

Now it works well,thanks poupou, thanks to all.

   public override void LoadView()
        TableView.BackgroundView = null;
        TableView.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Black;
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