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I've been trying this for the past few days but it seems I'm missing something: Well, I'm able to upload a photo to a users profile with the following code (I'm using cakephp with Nick Baker's facebook plugin):

$Fb = new FB();
   $token = FB::getAccessToken();

//upload photo
$file= IMAGES.'badge.png';

$attachment = array(
    'access_token'=> $token,
    'name' => 'Album name',
    'source' => '@'.$file
    $fb_photo = FB::api('/me/photos','POST', $attachment);

I am able to upload the photo to a new album and I would like to redirect the user to set the uploaded photo as their facebook profile profile. I followed an answer posted on Stack Overflow but it appears i'm still missing something. I'm able to get the uploaded photo id using $fb_photo['id'] but i'm not able to get the photo link (i tried $fb_photo['link'] as suggested in a comment but it returns NULL). What am I doing wrong, or what I should I do to achieve a successful redirect? Thank you.

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The callback to posting a photo is just the Photo ID, you also need to then request the photo's full details back from the API,

so after

$fb_photo = FB::api('/me/photos','POST', $attachment);

You need to do something like

$fb_photo_details = FB::api('/'.$fb_photo);
$link = $fb_photo_details['link'];
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