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I have problem with rename file. I need new file name be cyrillic but, when rename img in img folder new name is "Христо Ботев.jpg". That is my code:

 $newName = $formdata['name'];

 try {
       $ext = end(explode('.', $form->img3->getFileName()));
       path = (APPLICATION_PATH . '/../public/imgs/' . $newName . '.') . $ext;

       $form->img3->addFilter('Rename', array('target' => $path,
                        'overwrite' => true));


       catch (Exception $e) 
         $editMessage[][] = 'Invalid image.';
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$path = (APPLICATION_PATH . '/../public/imgs/' . $newName . '.') . $ext;
$path = iconv('utf-8', 'cp1251', $path);
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Thanks, that fixed my problem. –  Defense Aug 26 '12 at 17:18

Try using iconv() function to convert the encoding of the file name.

More info about iconv()

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