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I'm facing a problem and would really appreciate your help...

Android SDK: 4.0
Phonegap: 1.8.1
Pusher: 1.12

I have created an Android project using Phonegap that needs to receive server notifications through Pusher.

I'm running it in Eclipse and AVD emulator, but the problem is that every time I try to establish a connection to pusher, I get an Unavailable state from the bind to state_change.

I have tested the connection to Internet in the emulator browser and it works fine. I have also tested that the server is responding and that the Pusher key is the right one by testing my code on Firefox.

This are the steps I have followed:

  1. I have included the WebSocket.java and WebSocketFactory.java files in the src folder.
  2. I have included websocket.js file in my js folder and included a reference in the index.html file.
  3. I have included a reference to http://js.pusher.com/1.12/pusher.js in the index file.
  4. I have included the following line in my Android App.java file: this.appView.addJavascriptInterface(new WebSocketFactory(this), "WebSocketFactory");

  5. This is the code I'm using to connect to Pusher:


// Connect

var pusher = new Pusher(CONFIG.PUSHER.APP_KEY);
pusher.connection.bind('state_change', connectionStateChange);

function connectionStateChange(state) {

Is there something I'm missing? Any ideas on why the connection is not working or about where to check?

Thanks for your help.


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This blog post and associated code demonstrates how to get Pusher working on PhoneGap: http://blog.pusher.com/2012/7/5/pusher-on-phonegap-for-android

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