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I'd like to know if a record is present in a database, using a field different from the key field.

I've try the following code :

function start()
  jlog("start db query")
  myType d1 = {A:"rabbit", B:"poney"};
  /myDataBase/data[A == d1.A] = d1
  jlog("db write done")
   option opt = ?/myDataBase/data[B == "rabit"]
  jlog("db query done")

   case {none} : <>Nothing in db</>
   case {some:data} : <>{data} in database</>

   {port:8092, netmask:, encryption: {no_encryption}, name:"test"},
     {page: start, title: "test" }

But the server hang up, and never get to the line jlog("db query done"). I mispell "rabit" willingly. What should I've done ?


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Indeed it fails with your example, I have a "Match failure 8859742" exception, don't you see it?

But do not use ?/myDataBase/data[B == "rabit"] (which should have been rejected at compile time - bug report sent) but /myDataBase/data[B == "rabit"] which is a DbSet. The reason is when you don't use a primary key, then you can have more than one value in return, ie a set of values.

You can convert a dbset to an iter with DbSet.iterator. Then manipulate it with Iter:

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