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I am a MySQL beginner, I followed a simple tutorial on the web, it has such a simple create table statement

create table users(
userID int primary key identity(1,1)

I now sort of have an idea of what identity means, however, whenever I typed this statement in MySQL console, it always complains that I have a syntax error.

Could anybody help out? Thanks.

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The IDENTITY keyword is Transact-SQL (e.g. for sql-server); it is not supported by MySQL. What tutorial are you following? –  eggyal Aug 26 '12 at 17:44
Auto-increment allows a unique number to be generated when a new record is inserted into a table. –  Anant Dabhi Aug 26 '12 at 17:44

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Identity(1,1) is not mysql syntax; use auto_increment instead

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You can try with this syntax


Your syntax if proper to sql server

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Identity is used to auto-increment the field value for a new row.

Identity(increment, seed)

. Having said that I don't think mysql supports that at all. I have seen that in sql-server. In mysql auto_increment is used.

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