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We are developing an appliation (client+server) using GWT and hosted in GAE. Now we want to implement a mobile app (GWT + phonegap) that will connect to the server part of the application. I would like to use the same entities, DTOs and client service interfaces in the client that we used in the web page.

Is that possible? If I execute a RPC with the phonegap page as a webpage I get a 0 error (I suppose it is about crossdomain issues), but if I execute in the android emulator I get a "Failed to get the SerializationPolicy" exception.

I want to know if I can do what I want and work with both the page as page for debugging and in the emulator.

If this is very difficult, how could I reuse the old code? or... which is the best way to go in my situation (gwt app (client+server) with a mobile phonegap page connected to the same server in GAE)?


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I wrote a blog entry on how to use GWT RPC and phonegap together:

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Works like a charm, thanks – Pablo Castilla Sep 1 '12 at 15:55

What you might want to do is to use request factory instead of the rpc service mechanism which does not required serializable objects. This also has a native java jar that can be used inside android environment.

Here is an excellent video for using ClientFactory go implement device type gwt ui's

Here is another video that was helpful for me that explains using the same request factory code for native android java and for gwt

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that way I would need to rebuild my app, or duplicate the code :S – Pablo Castilla Sep 1 '12 at 10:46

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