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I setup an organization repository for a code that several of us are working on. Currently, I only added one other owner of the repository. It has no other members. I want to make it so that nobody but the owners or members can push to the repository. When I had a repository in my individual account, I had to add an ssh key in order to push to the repository; however, I did not have to do this to push to the organization repository. How can I be sure that nobody else can push to the repo?

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Apparently, push access to the repository is controlled through the individual account. I noticed that my SSH key is still in my individual account. When I push to the ssh link to the repo that is provided on the github repository page, the SSH key in my individual account is used. Someone who is not a member of the repository would not have push access. I was told by github support that trying to push through the http link would prompt the user for their github user ID and password.

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