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I'm using ubuntu 12.04 and I'm trying to write a python plugin to query the Rhythmbox database. The Rhythmbox version is v2.96 but this issue also occurs with v2.97 as well. When I do a python query, Ubuntu crashes with a segmentation fault.

I need to confirm the following is correct and if I've found a bug specific to Ubuntu or if I've misunderstood how to correctly query. If anyone else using another distro can confirm - this would be most welcome.

I've filed a bug report on bugzilla with regards to the segmentation fault. However, my question is not strictly about this - its specifically trying to confirm the correct python code to query for data.

Thus my question: is the code snippet below correct to query the Rhythmbox database or do I need to install an additional package to enable querying.


  1. Enable the python console plugin
  2. type (or copy and paste line by line the following)

from gi.repository import RB, GLib

db = shell.props.db
query_model = RB.RhythmDBQueryModel.new_empty(db)
query = GLib.PtrArray()

db.query_append_params( query, RB.RhythmDBQueryType.EQUALS, RB.RhythmDBPropType.ARTIST, 'some artist name' )
db.query_append_params( query, RB.RhythmDBQueryType.EQUALS, RB.RhythmDBPropType.TITLE, 'some song name' )   

db.do_full_query_parsed(query_model, query)

for row in query_model:
    print row[0].get_string( RB.RhythmDBPropType.ARTIST )
    print row[0].get_string( RB.RhythmDBPropType.TITLE )

If ubuntu 12.04 when I type this line, Ubuntu crashes with a segmentation fault

db.query_append_params( query, RB.RhythmDBQueryType.EQUALS, RB.RhythmDBPropType.ARTIST, 'some artist name' )

Thus, have I actually used the first parameter in the call correctly - the Query Pointer Array (PtrArray) - or is my query function parameters incorrect?

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and the answer is...

Well, this issue is indeed a bug - but to answer my own question,

yes the syntax to query for data in Rhythmbox is as correctly stated in the question.

and there is a however...

Querying for data only works for 64bit linux.

Yes really - I have been testing 32bit live-cd's of Fedora 17 as well as LMDE. Both exhibit the same segmentation fault issue as Ubuntu 12.04.

The common factor is that I was testing Ubuntu 12.04/Fedora 17 and LMDE in their 32bit incarnations.

Testing all three in their 64bit variants works as expected.

The 32bit issue is a bug - and has been reported on bugzilla - but the question as posed has been answered.


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I ran into this too. I managed to work around it by iterating through the library manually:

    for row in
        entry = row[0]
        artist = entry.get_string(RB.RhythmDBPropType.ARTIST)
        if self.sanitize(artist) in similar_artists_map:
            self.qm.add_entry(entry, -1)
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