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I have an older version of python on the server i'm using and cannot upgrade it. is there a way to get the uuid module?

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Get it from pypi -- just download and install, it will work with Python 2.3 or better.

Edit: to install, first unpack the .tar.gz you just downloaded, i.e., from a terminal, cd to the directory you downloaded it to, then tar xzvf uuid-1.30.tar.gz, then cd uuid-1.30, and sudo python setup.py install (the sudo may or may not be needed depending on how your Linux system is set up; if it is needed, it will probably ask you for your password unless you've done another sudo very recently).

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but how do I install it? sorry linux newbie. lol –  Ryan Jul 31 '09 at 15:54
Ryan, if you want to know how to install it, update your question to ask that. The way it's phrased now it seems you are just asking where to get it from. –  quark Jul 31 '09 at 16:48

To continue where Alex left off..

  • Download the uuid-1.30.tar.gz from Alex's pypi link.
  • unzip and untar.
  • place the uuid.py to your application's python path (e.g., same dir with your own .py files)
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