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struct Student
unsigned int ID;
char name[256];
int FileLocLeft;
int FileLocRight;
int FileLocParent;

void main()
Student CurStudent;

FILE* fp = fopen("d:\\students.bat", "w");
if(fp == NULL)
    printf("File not found\n");
    CurStudent.FileLocLeft = 0;
    CurStudent.FileLocParent = 0;
    CurStudent.FileLocRight = 0;
    CurStudent.ID = 0; = "Root";

I'm having trouble with two errors, one is I cannot assign "Root" (const char[15]) to name (char[256]) and when using fwrite I get "cannot conver parameter 1 from 'Student' to 'const void'"

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Don't write void main(); it returns an int. Unless you're using C99 or C11, you need to explicitly add return 0; to the end of main(). – Jonathan Leffler Aug 26 '12 at 20:43
Also, you should check that the data was written successfully. It is crucial that you know if the data file is clean or not. – Jonathan Leffler Aug 26 '12 at 20:45
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You can't assign to an array like that in C and fwrite expects a pointer, you can't pass a struct. How about:

strcpy(, "Root");
fwrite(&CurStudent, sizeof(CurStudent), 1, fp);
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  1. Strings are no more than char arrays. There are special functions in C that start with str and help dealing with these.
  2. Get the address of the struct variable, fwrite expects a pointer to the data.
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