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I have been following the book provided by the agile toolkit and am at this portion:

Unfortunately the dsql api lacks some clarity and the calculated fields example on that page is just not working.

I tried using:

class Model_DVD extends Model_Table {

        public $table='dvd';

    function init(){


    function calculate_is_rented(){
        return $this->add('Model_Rental')

This returns 1 every time so I tried to follow: Calculated field always returns 1 - atk 4.2

And now I'm not sure how to create this properly; I know the following works but I kind of made it up as I went and have NO IDEA why it works, and why I need the count() - etc etc.

How do I go about getting the calculated field to work? Can someone please explain it in this example, I learn best by examples so I wanted to follow through with it.

My working code that I don't understand:

class Model_DVD extends Model_Table {

    public $table='dvd';

    function init(){



                                                    ->addCondition('dvd_id', $this->_dsql()->getField('id'))
                                                    ->enum(array('Y', 'N'));


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DSQL APP tutorial is for Agile Toolkit 4.1.

Please watch the screencasts for updated and more extensive tutorial.

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