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I have two tables, 'pendingresults' and 'confirmedresults' For a football site I am trying to create a report score page which allows two users with a team to report a score against each other after they have played, as an example i'll use team1 and team2..

So lets say team1 beat team2, 3 goals to 1 (3-1) the manager of team1 would goto his reportscore page and insert the score and select that he had played team2, a query of this would put the results into the 'pendingresults' table which contains:

      id, TeamA, TeamAScore, TeamBScore, TeamB

so team1 adds the score and the query is successful so now the pendingresults table looks a little like this:

        id  TeamA     TeamAScore  TeamBScore  TeamB
         1   team1        3           1        team2

I have the above coded and working..

What I need help with is once team2 reports the score as a 3-1 loss, the pendingresults table will have two of the exact same rows (other than the id), how would i make it so that every few hours something like a cronjob runs to check if two rows match then make a query run to insert the teams and scores into the 'confirmedresults' table, which has the exact same columns as 'pendingresults' and then delete the two rows from the pendingresults table.


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I suggest another approach:

If a team manager A wants to enter the results, your script first checks whether the other team's manager B already entered results. If this is the case, A simply confirms or corrects the results entered by B.

With your approach and a typo in the scores by either A or B, you will not get a match (of the records) at all.

Just to improve this idea further, you simply have one table called results with an additional column confirmed. If A enters the results, you set "A" to confirmed. If B they does not agree and updates the scores, you set "B" to confirmed. A then checks and agrees, so you set "AB" to confirmed.

All results with confirmed set to "AB" then are confirmed match results all others are pending/unconfirmed match results.

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Thanks for your help, Is there anywhere i can find an example script because i am not totally sure how i would allow each manager to see scores reported against them. And the confirmedresults table updates the league table. –  user1626410 Aug 26 '12 at 22:56

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