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How do I get around with equivalence of two path-dependent types that I know are the same but the compiler does not?

Using Scala 2.10.0 M7 I am trying to convert an AST from one universe to another.

case class MacroBridge(context: Context) {
  def toMacroTree(tree: treehugger.forest.Tree): context.universe.Tree = ???
  def fromMacroTree(tree: context.universe.Tree): treehugger.forest.Tree = ???

Within a macro implementation, I can use it as:

val bridge = treehugger.MacroBridge(c)
def fromMacroTree(tree: c.universe.Tree): Tree = bridge.fromMacroTree(tree)

However, this results to a compiler error:

[error] /scalamacros-getting-started/library/Macros.scala:21: type mismatch;
[error]  found   : c.universe.Tree
[error]  required: bridge.context.universe.Tree
[error]  possible cause: missing arguments for method or constructor
[error]     def fromMacroTree(tree: c.universe.Tree): Tree = bridge.fromMacroTree(tree)

In the above code c is clearly the same value as bridge.context, but maybe because it's a value type checker cannot check it. Putting generalized type constraint did not help:

def fromMacroTree[A](tree: A)(implicit ev: A =:= context.universe.Tree): Tree =

In the macro this still resulted to an error:

[error] /scalamacros-getting-started/library/Macros.scala:21: Cannot prove that c.universe.Tree =:= bridge.context.universe.Tree.
[error]     def fromMacroTree(tree: c.universe.Tree): Tree = bridge.fromMacroTree(tree)

I need the access to context.universe so I can get to other dependent types like TermName. Is there a better work around besides casting?:

def fromMacroTree(tree: c.universe.Tree): Tree =
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maybe something like def fromMacroTree[T <: Tree](tree: T): T = ??? and fromMacroTree[tree.type](tree) helps? –  sschaef Aug 26 '12 at 23:21
I suppose both Trees have some common super type, tried it? –  pedrofurla Aug 26 '12 at 23:34
@sschaef I got the error: type arguments [c.universe.Tree] do not conform to method fromMacroTree's type parameter bounds [T <: bridge.context.universe.Tree] –  Eugene Yokota Aug 26 '12 at 23:48

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I could the following make to work:

case class MacroBridge[C <: Context](context: C) {
  def fromMacroTree(tree: context.universe.Tree): context.universe.Tree = ???

trait MB {
  def meth(c: Context) {
    val bridge = MacroBridge[c.type](c)
    def fromMacroTree(tree: c.universe.Tree): c.universe.Tree =

I had nearly the same problem some time ago.

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val bridge = treehugger.MacroBridge[c.type](c) was the answer. Thanks! –  Eugene Yokota Aug 27 '12 at 0:21

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