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I have some problem with DLL injection and creation thread. So i simply attach my DLL to some process, and in main function of DLL I am trying to create thread. I tried several methods boost::thread::join(), std::thread::join() (after joining target application hangs), CreateThread(...),_beginthread() - my target application is ruining down. Please, tell me, why I cannot start thread after injection? (DLL injection is successful, I have this problems after starting a thread) And is it possible to solve this problem?

Where should I look for?

Platform win32, MSVC++

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I know this is old but take a look at… for something that might help yout – lfxgroove May 11 '14 at 8:37

Don't do anything scary in your DllMain as it runs while the loader lock is held. You might get away with calling CreateThread, but the thread won't even start until DllMain returns.

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