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I'm looking into using Quartz Scheduler, and I was wondering if it was possible to schedule jobs not by time, but when another job finishes. So, when Job A is done, it starts Job B. When that's done, it starts Job C, etc.

Job A -> Job B -> Job C -> Job A... continuously.

Is this the right tool for the job? Or should I be looking into something else?

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Check out JobChainingJobListener, built-in to Quartz (bold mine):

Keeps a collection of mappings of which Job to trigger after the completion of a given job. If this listener is notified of a job completing that has a mapping, then it will then attempt to trigger the follow-up job. This achieves "job chaining", or a "poor man's workflow".

That's right, you are looking for a process or workflow engine. Have a look at or .

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