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I'm trying to verify that a URL input by a user is in the required format, in this case I am trying to remove the http:// if it is present but I am encountering some very strange problems...

if I feed the function "" or "" everything goes as expected! However if I feed it something that is not a valid URL (e.g. potato) it returns gibberish located in memory...

Why this is not necissarily a problem it definitely is NOT expected program behavior, and I have no idea why it's behaving this way...

Enter URL: potato

Error! Could not resolve ip address for host: ╪☻ï*** Process returned 1 ***
Press any key to continue...

Here is the function in question:

char *bldurl(const char *url)
    char *nurl;
    int ch = 0, i = 0;

    if(chksbstr(url, "http://") < 0)
        if(!(nurl = malloc(strln(url) + 8)))
            printf("\nError! Memory allocation failed while appending URL!");
            return 0x00;
        nurl[ch] = 'h';
        nurl[++ch] = 't';
        nurl[++ch] = 't';
        nurl[++ch] = 'p';
        nurl[++ch] = ':';
        nurl[++ch] = '/';
        nurl[++ch] = '/';
        for(++ch; i <= strln(url); ch++, i++) nurl[ch] = url[i];
        nurl[--ch] = 0x00; 
        if(!(nurl = malloc(strln(url) + 1)))
            printf("\nError! Memory allocation failed while appending URL!");
            return 0x00;
        for(i = 0; i <= strln(url); i++) nurl[i] = url[i];
        nurl[i + 1] = 0x00;
    return nurl;

And here is the portion of my code that returns that particular error message:

    if(!(hostip = gethostbyname(hostname)))
        printf("\nError! Could not resolve ip address for host: %s", hostname);
        return 0x00;

hostname in the above code is the return value from the for mentioned function.

I'm really not sure what to think.

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Who wrote the chksbstr() function? What does it do and return? Who wrote the strln() function? What does it do and return? The for (i = 0; i < strln(url); i++) idiom is bad; it executes strln() on each iteration, which makes the algorithm quadratic in the length of the string (assuming strln() is really an alternative to strlen() — one which is virtually guaranteed to be slower than the system's strlen() function). – Jonathan Leffler Aug 27 '12 at 0:13
I did and it returns the location of the first element of a substring inside a string. chksbstr("foobar", "bar"); would return 3 – Keith Miller Aug 27 '12 at 0:16
this mixture of pre and post ++ and -- is incomprehensible. Adopt a convention and stick to it. I recommend using post++ only, so a[b++] is always used to store the next character. – ddyer Aug 27 '12 at 0:18
Your code won't add a http:// to the front of a string such as /abc/def/ You'll have to decide whether that matters. I recommend using the standard string handling functions from <string.h>; they are usually optimized, and often treated as inline functions, avoiding the overhead of a system call. – Jonathan Leffler Aug 27 '12 at 0:27
This is some of the worst string handling code I have seen for over 20 years. Your loops involving strln() (a) use a non-library function where a library function would do, (b) should loop while <, not <=, and (c) shouldn't call a function at all. You can replace most of the first block after the malloc() with strcat(strcpy(nurl, "http://",), url), and the second with strcpy(nurl, url). 11 lines of code (that should have been more with proper formatting) replaced by two. – EJP Aug 27 '12 at 4:05
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You are calling a 'free' on hostname and then trying to print it out; of course it will be something unreadable! You should really print it then free it, I guess.

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ahhh duuuuh Wow I guess I have been staring at this too long so obvious thanks! – Keith Miller Aug 27 '12 at 0:32
No problem :) These things happen! – Nashibukasan Aug 27 '12 at 0:45

You can't free hostname and then print it.

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