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I'm really new to ruby and coming from a php background.

But I want to create a link to a path and add an extra paramater on the end of the path.

Here's what I have:

<%= link_to 'View Answers', quiz_path(@quiz "answers=true") %>

with out the answers=true the link resolves to http://localhost:3000/quizzes/3, which is as expected and works fine. But when I add the answers=true i get http://localhost:3000/quizzes/3.answers=true.

This is so close. But of course I need the . to be a ?.

Obviously I not doing this quite right, but if can help me with a simple a solution about how to add an extra parameter in the link url I would be grateful.

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<%= link_to 'View Answers', quiz_path(@quiz), :answers => "true"  %>



link_to "Ruby on Rails search", :controller => "searches", :query => "ruby on rails"

    # => <a href="/searches?query=ruby+on+rails">Ruby on Rails search</a>
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<%= link_to 'View Answers', quiz_path(quiz: @quiz, answers: true) %>

You could try the same thing just removing the quiz: part (so it's (@quiz, answers:true)), but I think the above should work.

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