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I am trying to install a theme I downloaded from this website. I am using XAMPP and I am not sure how to install this dowloaded theme using XAMPP.
I tried installing this theme with the zip folder (in zip format) in Wordpress but I get the error ” The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed. “

I found a similar on Wordpress website but they mentioned using FTP but I don’t know how to use FTP with XAMPP

I want to install the theme and test it out locally before I make it live or buy a domain name.

This is my first time doing this (I am a student) so I don’t totally know how things work together, don’t know if I am using the description/terms but I hope I described the problem well enough.

How to go about this? Any help will be appreciated.


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OK so its a bit wierd that the theme you downloaded is missing the CSS file. When you upload it wordpress is trying to find that file and failing. For now, lets assume that the creator of the theme put the css file into a different location then normal.

To install a theme manually via XAMPP do the following:

  1. Locate XAMPP's htdocs folder. This is normally Applications>>XAMPP>>HTDOCs on Mac or My Computer>>C:>>XAMPP>>HTDOCs on Windows (I think - someone might need to correct me on that).

  2. If your site is installed in a sud-directory in htdocs, go there. If not skip to next step.

  3. Open the wp-content folder

  4. Open the themes folder

  5. Copy in your downloaded theme and extract it there (if its zipped)

  6. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and go to the Appearance button on the left and click Themes from the drop down. Find your newly installed theme and hit Activate.

That should do the trick unless your theme is missing some vital elements

(PS: what your are doing here - moving (theme) files from one location to another - is essentially the same as FTP. Difference is FTP allows you to transfer files accross the internet from computer to computer: say your computer to a web server hosting your site.)

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