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I am new to android platform and have to do by B Tech project on this. I have to do product recognition and then process them. So, I need to do some serious coding on implementation of Image Processing on Android platform.

For this, I would require :-

  1. Through understanding of Android programming
  2. Setting up the environment for image processing on Android.
  3. Finally, an emulator to debug my codes

So, I need suggestions for all of the above, like, what book I should go through for learning Android , what emulators I should use and can I use openCV libraries in my android application.

Regrading emulators, I have heard, that they are pretty slow and have lots of bugs. They keep on hanging. So, should I have an Android mobile then ?

Please comment, if, you are unclear about my question.

PS: I posted the same question here, but got no replies. So, posted it again.

Thanks !!

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There are a lot of books out there, CommonsWare is a pretty good place to start for the basics, he has office hours (where you can ask questions) and comments on here quite a lot.

There is only one emulator as far as I know, most people use eclipse for their environment and it's fairly well integrated with the android tool set, but there are a few others, as well as command line tools if your prefer those everything you need for android development is here other than eclipse which is here

In regards to image processing I assume you mean image matching and yes there is an openCV for android there are also some commercial offerings if you don't want to try and sort through openCV

If you are going to be using a camera to do image matching then the emulator is not a great choice unless you want to be restricted to using it with a webcam (which is a pain to get working) you will still work a lot with the emulator though.

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