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I have multiple websites on my server and have .htaccess authentication on quite a few. I have excluded the authentication for specific IP addresses and it works perfectly.

Although what I would love to have is a common file for allowed IP addresses which I can reference in the various .htaccess files, so I can manage the list from one place and do not have to make changes to all the files individually.

Is this possible? If so, how can I achieve it?

Regards, Pratik

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Loks like it could very well be possible. Apache makes all you need available: has all you'd need. But I've never done it before - but if you get no other responses, it's a place to start looking. –  Robbie Aug 27 '12 at 5:34

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You can't keep a list of Allow from <ip> in a separate file and access it via an htaccess file. You can do that inside of a <Directory> block in your vhost/server config using the Include directive, but not from htaccess.

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You can use a common script to ban or allow IP address. Here is one example.

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