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I would like to select an object from a collection of objects.

The collection is #attr.studyTypeListKey, the expression of which is correct and is saved in applicationContext.

The selection condition is, the code property of the object in the collection should equal the value of study, study is the property of each object in the iterator proposals.

   <s:iterator value="proposals">   
       <s:property value="#attr.studyTypeListKey.{^#this.code == study}.name" />

The code below doesn't work i.e. it displays nothing:

  1. The following will display the first object in the collection, but this object actually doesn't satisfy the condition.

    <s:property value="#attr.studyTypeListKey.{?#this.code == #study}[0].name" />   
  2. The following also displays nothing:

    <s:property value="#attr.studyTypeListKey.{^#this.code == #study}.name" />
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