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Calculation in Play 2.0 Framework template engine

If I have some view say page.scala.html and I passed a hash map to this view. Now I want to extract and perform some arithmetic operations on this page like this:

    @pageMap.get("newPt") - @pageMap.get("oldPt") = 
(((@pageMap.get("oldPt")) - (@pageMap.get("newPt")))

but instead of printing the diff on right side I got the values of "oldPt" and "newPt" something like this:

50 - 40 = (((50)) - ((40)))

How to overcome this problem?

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You can write blocks of scala codes using the @( ... ) or @{ ... } syntax.

@pageMap.get("newPt") - @pageMap.get("oldPt") = @{pageMap.get("oldPt") - pageMap.get("newPt")}
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