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I was looking at SASS vs LESS and ended up liking SASS a lot more.

However, I don't really have access to ruby/gems/ all that to get SASS up with everything on my server.

It seems like LESS can just be put in with 2 subsequent links in the header. is this correct?

If so, I'd probably just use LESS - since preprocessing is better than not.

SASS > LESS > CSS - so atleast I'd be a step above if that's the case.

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You don't need to run Ruby on the server for SASS, typically you compile it locally before deploying it online.

I prefer SASS, mainly because it's what I used first though, they are very similar.

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I use Compass.app to handle all the techie setup bits on my laptop.

  1. I create a project entry;
  2. Define what folder to watch for changes;
  3. Define where I want the output file to go (typically the root of your theme folder);
  4. Enjoy the automatic generation of style.css

Hope this helps.

All the best, Karl

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Maybe you can use this (beta) Wordpress plugin for compiling LESS on shared hosts (and local servers). It uses the reference version of less.js and not a PHP port of it.

Poor man's less.js

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